Asia Pacific Line offers a package of high-technology and quality warehousing services at its own terminals and warehousing facilities of our strategic partners. We are ready to provide terminal handling of goods in all cities of China, S.E.A., Europe, Russia, CIS countries. We offer short-term and long-term consignment storage. Our warehousing facilities provide for the most favorable and required temperature conditions.

Our warehouse network and own cross-docking facilities enable Asia Pacific Line customers to consolidate products from various suppliers for further transportation in one vehicle (or, for example, in a railway container). This solution in combination with the option of partial freight delivery from a warehouse and regular inventory reporting will be of interest to distributors.

Service package overview:

  • Management of freight pickup and its delivery to a consignee (in Europe, Russia and many other regions of the Russian Federation);
  • Storage;
  • Handling;
  • Selection and completion of freights;
  • Marking, packing (soft and hard packaging);
  • Freight weighing and measuring;
  • Required paperwork;
  • Freight shelf life monitoring;
  • Other necessary operations and services (at customer’s request).

Freight storage and terminal handling:

  • Interim and long-term storage;
  • Selection of warehousing facilities of required class, price rate and service level;
  • Special storage conditions;
  • In case of consolidated international shipments, we can provide consolidation warehouse services, both in CIS countries and abroad;
  • Along with primary services, we can provide marking, packing, sorting and freight completion services for specific destinations.

Freight packaging and marking:

  • Freight packaging — this is one of the warehousing services. Quality and accuracy of packing ensure freight integrity and safety. Correct selection of packaging materials provides additional freight protection from adverse environment conditions like moisture, high and low temperatures, exposure to sunlight, and also from various mechanic damage – impact, falls, etc.
  • Freight marking— these are labels, conventional signs, bar codes and other markings put directly on products, crates, packaging or on sawn-onw, glued or attached labels (tags). Legible and correct marking is a pre-condition to ensure high quality through freight storage and transportation.
  • Storage marking— this is visual information on freight properties, instrumental in meeting key transportation requirements.

Loading and unloading

  • Any work requires professionalism. Loading and unloading operations require knowledge and experience in order to achieve expected results. Our company offers high-quality warehouse services, based on performance of highly-skilled employees.
  • Our employees will provide any warehousing services required – freight loading and unloading at warehouses, order ricking, packing, sorting, pre-packing, marking and other operations. All warehousing processes are controlled both by warehouse process automation systems and by experienced shift supervisors and stockmen.