Road Freight

Road transport - one of the most convenient forms of delivery. Efficiency and low cost of transport have attracted many customers, so Asia Pacific Line has extensive experience in road freight transport in China, in S.E.A. in Europe, in CIS countries, and in Russia.  We will arrange delivery of any type of cargo transportation from Europe to any city in Northern or Eastern Europe including the CIS region, as well as throughout the mainland China, and across the S.E.A. We make the customs clearance of imported goods, or our agent will charge customs formalities abroad, if you send the goods for export.

The maximum load up to 25 tons, up to 120 cubic meters, we will arrange all necessary shipping documents. We also insure your shipment and choose a special mode of transportation and storage of goods, if necessary. Consolidate goods in warehouses in China in Europe, in CIS countries, in Russia, and in S.E.A., we will provide warehousing services (transport + storage).

Involvement of various Chinese and foreign carriers allows us to always offer the best solutions for the delivery of goods and ensure the stability of the fulfillment of all its obligations in any market situation. Each new carrier is thoroughly tested by the security service, in cooperation with government security forces, which is policy of Asia Pacific Line.

Land transportation is one of Asia Pacific Line basic business.

Land transportation service include transportation from vendors to the port of shipment – precarrige, and from discharge port to the point of stripping the ocean container by truck and or rail, storage ,packaging etc service – oncarriage.

Operational projects recommended: 

* Transport container trailers *  Road Transport Route *  Warehouse (general warehouses, bonded warehouses and supervision)