Railway Freight 

Implementation of rail freight in China and in international traffic is impossible without sufficient technical and material resources together with skilled professionals. Our company is well placed to organize the transportation of your goods by rail, delivering it to the destination on time and intact.

At present Asia Pacific Line is ready to offer our clients the transportation of any complexity within Europe, Russia, CIS, Baltic States, Mongolia, and through China. We provide a full range of services related to the implementation of rail transportation, including:

  • Organization of transportation of all kinds of cars, containers, platforms;
  • Harmonization of rail transportation to any destination: the preparation of additional plans, authorizing release of telegrams, registration of shipping documents;
  • Supply rail to the customer’s warehouse or organization delivering its cargo directly to the place of loading to rail;
  • Tracking and reporting the location of cargo in transit;
  • Receiving goods at the destination station and delivery to the consignee’s warehouse;
  • Import, export, transit of goods through the territory of the Europe, Russia, CIS, Baltic States, Mongolia and China;
  • Payment of railway tariffs for the rail freight to / from Europe, Russia, CIS, Baltic States, Mongolia and China;

If you are interested in long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships, please contact us – our managers will calculate for you an optimal scheme of railway transport, taking into account all the features of your goods, and all your special wishes.

The rail freight container transportation is considered the best way to deliver cargo from China. This is due to the advantages over other forms of transport:

  • Lower rates are possible when fully loaded trains which follow the freight container trains set routes. Use of container trains internationally increases the efficiency of transport of all types of goods in different types of containers.
  • The shortest delivery time: container train has a clear timetable for the train, which in turn has a decisive role in the planning of transportation of your cargoes. If we compare the transport of conventional trains coming to destination stations, the formation of the plan, the transport trains coming without reformation, the benefits in transit time of delivery and in rates will be obvious.

To date, “Asia Pacific Line” in close partnership with the major carriers and owners of the rolling stock operators, can organize container trains through the border crossing Manchuria / Zabaikalsk routes:

  • Tianjin – Moscow (delivery time of 16 days)
  • Tianjin Yekaterinburg (delivery time 13 days)
  • Tianjin-Ulyanovsk (delivery time of 14 days)

We can also arrange container train to any destination with available volume from the cities in China to anywhere in EU countries, and Russia, as in the mode of temporary customs transit, and or with customs clearance at the station Zabaikalsk.

On behalf of our partners, we operate Tianjin-Manzhouli/Zabaykalsk-Moscow express container train which is the first direct container service connecting China and Russia. The express direct block train service costs around 2.5 days from Tianjin to Manzhouli and around 10 days from Zabaykalsk to Moscow. With the direct express train service, which presents the fastest and most reliable railway transportation solution to the customers in Russia and China.

The express container train service is the most competitive service, which is welcome by so many customers and partners.

Using the services of forwarding company “Asia Pacific Line” you get timely delivery of goods from China and Korea in the different cities of Russia (Irkutsk, Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Russia, Nizhnekamsk, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod and other). You work with experienced representatives of companies that are committed to the safe delivery of goods. Our company will help you grow your business and save you from the difficulties encountered in the process of transportation.

The organization of railway transportation needs a professional approach. Our experts, who are developing the routes, optimizing delivery arrangements and logistics are well aware of features of different types of cargo transportation, we can help you build the most lucrative scheme of delivery of your goods to the door.

Asia Pacific Line is organizing railway traffic efficiently and professionally. The main advantages of such transport in a high carrying capacity, regular departure and arrival of trains. The same railway transportation costs are low, but it will guarantee security and reliable delivery. We offer our customers only those conditions under which they are willing to cooperate with us.