Multimodal Logistics

Asia Pacific Line is a leading multimodal transport provider in China, SEA, Europe, Russia, CIS countries, which uses several types of transport modes and the shipping companies that organize all of it and take responsibility for its entire course from beginning to end.
Such transport is most often carried out in international transport, is required to deliver the goods from a distant country or from another continent. Multimodal transport requires maximum clarity and coherence of all the participants of its process. Only then will it be reliable and efficient.
Our company provides international multimodal transport from anywhere in the world by road, sea, air and rail transport. In most cases, delivery of goods produced by “door to door”. That is, we fully take care of the whole process of shipment from loading goods in the warehouse provider in any country (and if necessary, supply of free transport to the warehouse) to the shipment of the goods in your warehouse.

Producing multimodal carriage of any difficulty, we provide its best efficiency in terms of time and cost. No less attention is paid to safety delivery at any stage. For freight over long distances with a combination of different types of transport efficient and safe transportation is a complicated thing, even in the modern world. We deal with it confidently and successfully, for the following reasons:
First, our experts have significant professional experience in the international multimodal transport. As planning for transportation, we develop for you the most optimal scheme, which is matched by the most effective combination of different modes of transport, taking into account the geographical conditions, opportunities, carriers, flight schedules, the customs laws regulations of the suppliers in different countries, and more. Our experience allows us to anticipate possible problems and plan the delivery process so as to avoid delays and extra costs.


Asia Pacific Line provides our customer different logistics solutions. The Multimodal transport covers the ways of sea-rail and sea-land. Sea-rail transport are the transportation services that shipped via domestic rail transport to the costal port of shipment or reversely that ship the goods to the costal port then join the rail to the destination. Sea-land transport is the shipping services that shipments ship via road transport to the port that within the distance not far away from the port. Or reversely that ship the goods to the costal port then join the road to the destination. Both use the rail and road network in China to extend the shipping service to various points along the way by means of sea-rail or sea-land transportation.