Marine Geology Research

Integrating the sciences of geology, geotechnics, and marine archaeology to master the art of seafloor engineering

Our services range from highly detailed integrated geologic and engineering studies for regional or site-specific purposes to providing QA/QC for data acquisition endeavors .

We assist with permits and applications to governing and insuring agencies.

We design and implement coring, lab, and survey programs in addition to analysis and interpretation.

APL integrates the sciences of geology, geotechnics, and marine archaeology to master the art of seafloor engineering.

Geology/Geophysics Consulting

APL roots are in 3-D and 2-D high-resolution seismic data interpretation and the use of the data for conducting geohazards assessments throughout the world’s marine environments.

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Geotechnical Engineering

We specialize in an integrated (geophysical and geotechnical) approach to the engineering-of-the-seabed. We work closely with our clients throughout  a project, whether it be Concept, Pre-FEED, FEED or Detailed Design phase.

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Marine Archaeology

APL archaeologists assist with survey planning, survey equipment recommendations, survey QA/QC, reporting, mitigation recommendations, and governmental correspondence.

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Sea Floor Projects

APL provides high quality geophysical data, analysis and sea floor characterisation services for exploration and investigation.

We provide data acquisition and analysis services that were previously unavailable by combining our specialised expertise in subsea operations, sensor design and sensor integration with geophysical technologies beyond the scope of traditional marine geophysical surveys. These include magnetic, EM, CSEM/MT, VCS, and AUV gravity surveys deployed on ROVs, AUVs and deep tow systems to give you a new perspective and confidence to make informed decisions for your offshore exploration and development projects. 

AUV Operations

APL owns, manages and operates AUVs. APL has skills and experience managing deep water AUV operations (1000m to 6000m) for mineral exploration, gas hydrates, and precision bathymetric surveys.  APL can provide AUV operations and support services adapted to your needs, from turn-key solutions including AUV and support ship through to rapid mobilisation of our assets to client operated ships.  

3000m Hugin AUV for survey and pipeline inspection

AUV is equipped with an unsurpassed combination of sensors, software suite, navigation and positioning systems for extremely efficient inspection of pipelines and infrastructure, pipeline route studies, site geohazard surveys, environmental monitoring surveys, and other seafloor-based applications such as UXO, archeology, salvage, and minerals exploration.


Equipped with the Hugin Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Sonar (HiSAS) producing incredible high resolution seafloor imagery at constant resolution over the entire swathe width as well the  APL AUV non-contact integrated Cathodic Protection (iCP) inspection system for pipelines, sub-bottom profiler, multibeam echosounder, forward looking sonar, APL SCM, upward looking ADCP, and water chemistry sensors it is one of single best equipped and capable survey and inspection AUVs available today.

APL has been granted the Environment Permit and Mining Lease required for resource development.

APL commercially explore the seafloor for massive sulphide systems, a potential source of high grade copper, gold, zinc and silver.

APL is developing a production system using existing technologies adapted from the offshore oil and gas industry, dredging and mining industries to enable the extraction of these high grade Seafloor Massive Sulphide ("SMS") systems on a commercial scale.

EM System for SMS Exploration

The APL EM system is specifically designed to map the outline of shallowly buried conductive ore bodies and to identify the core areas of the deposit.

The system has been used successfully to map many seafloor massive sulphide (SMS) deposits for commercial and academic clients. 

The present system is compatible with almost all work class ROVs. The EM system is typically deployed with additional sensors integrated to execute precision bathymetric mapping. State of the art multi-beam data acquisition, combined with proprietary data processing algorithms necessary to model an ROV path accurately allow deep water decimeter positional precision to be achieved.  The final result is a bathymetric map of unparalleled detail. This data can be combined with geocoded side-scan imagery to produce highly detailed base maps for SMS prospects or other deepwater project areas.


APL providing worldwide field service and repairs of all styles of drilling rigs.

  • Repair and unitization of general oilfield equipment
  • Repair of Drilling Rigs – Superior Derrick Services can provide Drilling Rig Repair, Drilling Rig Upgrades and Conversions
  • General Field Service of Drilling Rigs – Rig construction, remanufacturing planning and oversight. Drilling rig equipment inspection, repair, and installations. Platform site structural assessments and modification designs. Full interface and integration reviews, engineering, procurement, and installation. Crane and rigging planning. Full “turn-key” rig-up or rig-down operations
  • Field inspections of Masts, Derricks and Structures – Our engineers have years of proven experience in the analysis, design, and manufacturing of drilling structures and equipment. We offer a wide range of services to keep rigs safe and fully functional.
  • Repair and Unitization of General Oilfield Equipment – From Mud Tanks to Drawworks, Superior Derrick Services can repair your general oilfield equipment on site at one of our four fabrication yards.
  • Repair of Masts, Derricks and Structures –Superior can inspect and repair your Masts, Derricks and Structures in accordance to API RP4G specifications. Rig down time is a drilling companies nightmare, so using our inspection and repair services will ensure your rig is back to the highest quality standards and working in the field in an expedited fashion.