Customs brokerage services

We principally works only with custom brokers, which may act as guarantors before the State Customs for meeting requirements for the timely and full payment of customs duties cargo. This condition can significantly reduce costs for payment of customs duties and taxes.

The main tasks of the customs brokers with which the company Asia Pacific Line cooperates are the following:

  • Paperwork for temporary storage and preparation of goods to be transported in accordance with customs regulations;
  • The use of special procedures to optimize the clearance and shorten the time of its passage;
  • Professional assistance in the preparation of the documents required by the customs authorities of the Russian Federation;
  • Assistance and advice in the event of difficult situations in customs.

Customs brokers with whom “Asia Pacific Line” has partnership agreements, will help you to simplify the procedures of customs documents passage. Experience, professionalism and responsibility of our partners – save you valuable time and money.

Cooperation with reliable, experienced, reputable partners is one of the main principles of our company. So as we take full responsibility for the excellent performance in transporting all of your goods from point A to point B, that requires us to have an appropriate approach to the selection of partners. With us, customs formalities will be an ease and hassle- free process for you.