Air Freight

Asia Pacific Line carry air freight from China and South-East Asia, North and South America, Western and Eastern Europe. With our close partners among many of airlines companies, we deliver the different cargoes through the air with loads of up to 120 tons, not prohibited for carriage by airlines companies.

Air freight service – is extremely urgent mediator among our transport modes, if needed quick delivery. Air transportation is very important in intercontinental areas, particularly and due to the convenience of high-speed modes.

Solid experience gained by our company in the field of air cargo allows us to successfully carry out the delivery of air cargo from around the world and ensure coherence with the actions of all players in this process, including airlines, agency companies, warehouses, airport, etc.


Our experts on air cargo tailored to your individual needs, always offer you the most optimal scheme of delivery of your cargo, ensure safe loading and receipt of all necessary approvals and special permits, including the certification and customs clearance.

Depending on the specifications and routing requirement, cargo is picked up, flown and delivered to its destination in 1 to 3 days. Especially for those high-value products, like pharmaceutical , perishables, temperature controlled goods, we will give a special care and handling, you can fully trust Asia Pacific Line, our expert team will provide you a safe transport solution with good packaging material, in right packaging way. Furthermore the full and complete shipping docs presentation at the loading airports or in transshipment airports are always prepared in a right way, you can rest assured that we can carry the special cargo just like normal cargo. Our airfreight consolidation service balances your requirements for fast, cost-efficient, time-defined delivery. The airfreight product, is a high-speed, maximum-reliability express service that builds on our capabilities.


We also provide:

  • Voyage tracking reports;
  • Packing, selection and drayage services;
  • Palletizing, with sliding plates, shrink film available;
  • Custom tailored consolidation and deconsolidation;
  • Timely delivery for all the formalities and documentation;
  • Quick and convenient Customs and Inspection brokerage services.