Asia Pacific Line

is an international shipping, road trucking, railway and freight forwarding company based in Hong Kong.

Asia Pacific Line provides shipment by any transport according to client’s terms and cost requirements. Anyway, our responsibility for safety of cargo, service quality, obligations fulfillment remains invariant. 

Our company provides regular sea and feeder services between all ports of China and within the whole territory of South East Asia, as well as within the main hubs in Europe and in Russia.

We offer our clients intercontinental multimodal container and bulk shipments worldwide.


We provide rail and road transportation in main rail corridors for domestic cargoes; considering the equipment demand in inland areas, we provide empty positioning service for shipping companies.

We specialize in Multimodal transport with emphasis on door – to – door deliveries of import and export cargo from China, South East Asia region and Europe. We are also able to offer transport solutions to and from Russia, CIS countries, India and Middle East. 

Asia Pacific Line

Worldwide Global Service

We offer a comprehensive range of airfreight services, we meet your deadline. We offer door-to-door service worldwide for a more seamless delivery and less handling of your cargo, thus minimizing any risk of delays. Our own and partner truck companies provide the land transportation service which includes transportation from vendors / manufacturers to the port of shipment – precarrige, and from the port of discharge to to the place of stripping the ocean container by truck and or rail, storage, packaging etc., service – oncarriage.

Asia Pacific Line provides the clients with all-directional and integrative project logistics services including import, export, air transportation, maritime transportation. Relying on a vast transportation network covering Asia, S.E.A, Europe, Russia, C.I.S and the advanced concept, experienced management team, personalized services and the strict operation procedures. Services include order tracking, schedule coordination, distribution and delivery, domestic freight, international freight, warehousing management, insurance and customs clearance, etc, whose process consist of supply chain planning, unloading and delivery on site, return and repair.

Asia Pacific Line offers direct service from/to the main ports in China, countries in S.E.A, to Eastern Europe, CIS countries and Russia via the new port of Ust-Luga nearby to Saint Petersburg.

Asia Pacific Line is an international customs broker. We hold the licenses to do customs services in China. Our group of companies provides forwarding and customs services in country of the departure of cargoes and in the country of arrival of cargoes – China, countries in S.E.A, Europe, Russia, CIS countries.

Asia Pacific Line is a partner with the “HASCO” with the China National Railway, China Railway Container Transport Corp., Ltd. (CRCTC), China Railway Group Limited, as well as a partner with many other reputable shipping lines, railways, truck operators.

Asia Pacific Line arranges the transloading of cargo by railway to a China-Khazakhstan border and to a China-Russia border. Short and long-term storage services are available at the customs yard.

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